An Interesting Human Experiment; Just Another Mystery Unveiled

What beautiful creation is coming from you?

When will the studio re-open? Are we going to have beach yoga this year? How can we jump back into a full schedule? I don’t know… it is all a mystery.

I keep thinking of these “unprecedented” times as an interesting human experiment. There really is no making sense of things as they currently are.  Granted, I personally have not lived through a great war, famine, or other pandemic to have a point of reference. For that, I am blessed.

Without explanation, I do have a deep sense of calm and confidence, that all will be well and something even better is happening below the surface. I find I vacillate between finding the humor, joy, and surprise opportunities in being holed up at home.  An April where I can pay attention and notice the landscape changing on a daily basis… the new buds, the ground cover showing new shades of green, the lichen in the trees emanating a fluorescent glow. The insects waking up, the birdsong each morning. Listening to my body clock for eating and sleeping patterns… enjoying the quiet space.

Don’t get me wrong, I have many moments when the mystery frustrates and disempowered me. As always, I must practice noticing the moments when I have allowed my good cheer to travel these roads of pity and loss. True, I have missed o a workshop at Kripalu, 3 different trips (California, Minnesota, France/Spain), and have to cancel 2 retreats I would be leading for the first time. I have struggled with teaching on-line (unknown methods, protocols and technology). I arrive ready for work (at the dining room table) only to discover I don’t know how to do anything I’m supposed to do.  I feel the fear that arises from economic losses. Sounds a bit like beginner’s mind, right?

Now forced to stay put and stop moving in so many directions, I see with new eyes how truly busy I have been; too busy. I’m acknowledging how much energy I spent going from place to place, frenetically moving from one commitment to another. The comfort of my routines giving a sense of order to life. Inhale, exhale.

But now, something new and more Divinely arranged can manifest. Something that we co-create from a brighter place, a higher vibration. We begin again. And like the words of both Pema Chodron and Ralph Waldo Emerson point out (newsletter reference), we must find happiness in our receptivity to current events; we must leave a new trail. There is a beautiful opportunity in this mystery.

So, I wonder friends: How are you doing in close quarters with loved ones? Have you settled into new rhythms and routines? Are you staying connected with technology?What are you creating?  How are you seeing this wondrous mystery unveiled? Feel free to write a response or send an email. Stay connected.

With love & light, Molly

5 Replies to “An Interesting Human Experiment; Just Another Mystery Unveiled”

  1. So grateful for the yoga classes with Angie. I am practicing the breathing and doing yoga with classes available on cable. Peace comes from within. May positive energy and good health be with you all.

  2. “So, try as I do to imagine and construct where I am headed, try as I will to plan and know what this life of feeling means, it is the pulse of what I feel itself that lifts me into spirit .”
    ~Mark Nepo

    Last night I dreamt that I went to the studio. It was like a cave, dark, cavernous, with a dirt floor. Molly was finishing up a class. I was confused as to why I hadn’t heard we were open. We were obviously not ready, the floor was still dirt! People started pouring in. They were there for the celebration and apparently I was to lead the celebration with a yoga class. But….I wasn’t prepared. I called Steve to bring my music and yoga clothes. I started to feel excited. We were going to celebrate! It was all going to be ok.

    I look forward to the celebration with our sangha. When the dark cave we are living in is swept clean. When the light of connection makes our spirits soar. When “the pulse of what I feel lifts me into spirit.”
    I miss everybody!

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