New to yoga?

 What if I have never done yoga before?

Beginners are welcome. Check the class description and choose one for “all levels” or a gentle class for the first time.

What do I need to wear and bring to a yoga class?

Wear non-restrictive clothing to allow yourself freedom to move comfortably. Classes are typically done in your bare feet. It is helpful to wear layers as the beginning and end of class your body temperature will be cooler than during the main part of class. Bring a water bottle to sip as needed. If you have your own mat, please bring it. We do have mats and accessories available for participants.

Can I eat before class?

It is best to practice yoga and meditation on an empty stomach. A light snack (fruit, yogurt) about half an hour to an hour before class is OK, but a full meal should not be eaten within 2 hours before class.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please place your shoes in the cubbies or shoe rack provided or remove upon entering the studio.
  • Arrive about 10 minutes prior to class starting.
  • Practice Satya or “purity of speech” as you enter the studio.
  • Please respect the quietude by turning off cell phones and refraining from loud socializing while in the studio.
  • Avoid perfume or heavy scented lotions, creams please.
  • If using studio mats, please wipe them with sanitized wipes (available in the studio.
  • Please make arrangements to attend the entire class and avoid leaving early if possible.