If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. – Gail Sheehy

Spring in New Hampshire offers us a beautiful glimpse into real transformation. Like the earth waking up, we too have the chance to grow, change, and renew – one degree at a time. Each morning this week, I walked out into the yard and could see the landscape changing before my eyes; new plants sprouting, the growing buds on lilacs, the grass slowly turning green from the colorless shag of late winter. 

I once heard the story of how a sailor can change his course by one degree and end up in a completely different location. When presented this way, it makes sense that small shifts completely change our course, our journey, and our destination. Knowing this, are you on course for your chosen end-point or is a course correction in order? Have you given thought to your current trajectory and the direction you are heading in? This time of renewal, resurrection, and rebirth is a perfect time to ponder such questions.

Spring also brings us mud season, and the ruts that go along with it. Living on a long dirt road, each day I have been faced with the ruts and dips and holes left by the winter wear. Driving in the same ruts are predictable and give me the chance to navigate the dips at the right speed. Unfortunately, it also makes it more challenging to find a new way around them the deeper the grooves are. Once again, nature is my teacher. 

So on this Easter evening, I send you blessings of transformation. May you open yourself to new options, new routes, new choices if need be. May you make a one degree shift in the direction of your dreams. Be authentic, be alive, and honor your own needs and desires.

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