Sheltering in place has given most of us the opportunity to slow down. Even those of us still working, the pace is different and there are new rhythms, new routines, new ‘normals’.

In slowing down, there is an invitation to look at ourselves… to see how new routines are reflecting information back to us. Like holding up a mirror we didn’t take the time to really look at before, the space of new rhythms allows us a deeper look. Not just our appearance, but a deeper gaze into our communication patterns, our habits, our moods, our thought patterns, our heart’s intentions; the inner life that resides just below the surface of busy-ness.

What is your first reaction to really looking at your own reflection? For me, it is usually laced with self-judgment, but there is more beneath that “auto-pilot” way of perceiving this information. There is something richer beneath. Something worthy of exploration. Does love appear in your mirror? How?

For this week, try to look for love in all things. Find love in the boredom or mundane (chop wood, carry water); love in your new or modified routines, love in the quiet, love in nature, love in ANOTHER rainy, cold & windy day, love in a calendar full of open days, and yes…love in your own reflection.

Share the power of gratitude!

Postures and Practices …
“From joy springs all create, by joy it is sustained, toward joy it proceeds, and to joy it returns” – Upanishads

Pose of the day: Breath of Joy
Inhale arms up over head, out to the sides, up over head again, and give an audible exhale as you bend forward. REPEAT!
 Mantra and Mudra
Purna Hridaya Mudra: Gesture of the open heart. Create a heart shape with your hands. This mudras reinforces our honoring of thoughts and feelings.  

Mantra: OM Namah Shivaya – my favorite translation is: I bow to that which I am becoming.