Are you feeling uncertain about taking a zoom yoga class? There are TRUE advantages to on-line yoga! I started making a list with a few dear friends about all the ways doing online yoga is making a difference, and had to share this with you, my yoga Sangha.

  • Bathroom breaks without hesitation: no need to be discreet; you won’t disturb others or have to step over mats.
  • Create your own mini-studio: your yoga space can be your own sanctuary or sacred space.
  • Practice with your pets: your furry family members are welcome to join you without hesitation. We introduce our pets and that connects us on a new level.
  • Your favorite props: If you don’t have “yoga” props, try old couch cushions, your favorite fluffy blanket, and pillows of your choice! 
  • Wear your favorite scents: no rules about not wearing essential oils, perfume or scented lotions when you are in your own home; no need to worry about offending others or allergies of others.
  • Travel not required: no cold car to get into after experiencing a blissful savasana; no bundling up and scraping the snow & ice.
  • Yoga can travel with you: if you’re lucky enough to get away, bring your yoga with you! Going to visit in-laws? Yoga might make that visit a little easier.
  • Roll out of bed and onto your mat: no one is seeing you up close, so we won’t notice if you didn’t wash your hair or put on lip stick.

What you are telling us…“Just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering Zoom classes! I love them. Today is my Day 32 . Yes! 32 days in a row of a yoga class without skipping! I’m not sure what prompted me to start this challenge, but it has been amazing to note the differences in how my body feels and how much easier everything has gotten. I started off treating yoga as physical therapy, but now I’m looking forward to each day, and it’s no longer a chore but more of a reward. The unlimited monthly membership has been a motivator and an incentive to practice more often”. – Diane H.

“…another thing I love about practicing in my home sanctuary, is that I keep a little journal next to my mat and I can pick it up and write anything I want in total privacy. Any emotional releases that come from my practice can be freely expressed without worrying what other people think”. – Leila S.

As a teacher, setting up class virtually has its own ritual. It doesn’t compare to teaching in the studio of course, but there are parts of the pre-class ritual that I try to maintain. Setting up my space, lighting candles and incense, and sitting in stillness before I turn on the video screen and admit attendees have become my new routine. Choosing music (even if you can’t hear it) also makes this version of teaching yoga feel more normal.

I miss you all dearly and know our other teachers do too. I miss your faces, your voices, your hugs and your presence. While there is NO COMPARISON to the real thing, at least we stay a bit more connected with on-line classes.

Stay Healthy and I hope to see in “real time” soon.  In the meantime, feel free to add your comments & favorite things about on-line classes.

Namaste to all, and to all a good night!

Love & light, Molly