We are surrounded by gems in nature and gems in the people we encounter on a regular basis; AKA gems in the flesh! Taking the time to notice and appreciate these gifts is vital and takes practice. For example, although I am not a big fan of spiders, I find the creative overnight work they do surprisingly amazing… like a gem. Finding the extraordinary, in the ordinary.

Yes, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary may actually be a bold action during these times of tragedy. Shootings, hate crimes, and war can mar our lens of humanity and shift our focus away from the spectacular natural world. Are you waking up to birdsong? Are the evening insects singing when you end your day? Practice, practice, practice. What if we each acknowledge one thing to notice in the flow of the day that gives us a pause? Much like a “daily delight”.

Oxeye Daisies

Speaking of delights… this variety of daisy (oxeye daisy) is deemed a “common weed” according to my plant app, but in my yard they are the sweet reminder that summer is nearly here and beauty abounds. The flowers look like happy smiling faces to me. I recently did an accidental experiment that I highly encourage. The accident created a sense of awe and wonder in my day. I was making a video of my garden to send to my daughter who lives far away. I was focused on the colors, the bright air, and the budding flowers. However, when I played the video back, I was awestruck by the SOUNDS on the video. Try it in your yard (or patio or deck). Simply bring your morning coffee or tea out with you and record a 20-30 second video; or try it at bedtime. I would love to hear about your experience!

Here are a few questions to chew on for the month. These questions originated from the practice link in the Network for Grateful Living. You can check out their website and support this very worthwhile organization: https://gratefulness.org

Questions to ponder:
How do I find joy when joy feels out of reach?
How might I truly cherish this day?
What am I waiting for?

And as proof to me in how the Universe (God, Goddess, Spirit, Yahweh) works, my friend Dan sent this link today with the note to “find magic in the moments”. Thanks Dan! See for yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWb2DGmyr74

Happy June everyone. May your daily delights and gems grow more obvious every day.

I can’t make the
world peaceful
I can’t stall tanks
from roaring down roads
I can’t prevent children
from having to hide in bunkers
I can’t convince the news to
stop turning war into a video game
I can’t silence the sound of bombs
tearing neighborhoods apart
I can’t turn a guided missile
into a bouquet of flowers
I can’t make a warmonger
have an ounce of empathy
I can’t convince ambassadors
to quit playing truth or dare
I can’t deflect a sniper’s bullet
from turning a wife into a widow
I can’t stave off a country being
reduced to ash and rubble
I can’t do any of that
the only thing I can do
is love the next person I encounter
without any conditions or strings
to love my neighbor
so fearlessly that
it starts a ripple
that stretches from
one horizon to the next
I can’t force peace
on the world
but I can become a force
of peace in the world
sometimes all it takes
is a single lit candle
in the darkness
to start a movement
“Lord, make me a candle
of comfort in this world
let me burn with peace”
~ John Roedel