March Madness or Mindfulness?

Thanks everyone for joining in our Chakra Series. The practice and awareness of the energy systems and chakras may widen the line between mindfulness and madness when it comes to real life situations. 

Like a self-guided meditation, allow yourself the chance to revisit the journey through your own energy body whenever you need to cultivate more presence. Start with visualizing a deep red, and your ability to ground yourself. Start with the feet, then move up the legs to the base of your spine. Find stability.

Next move into the sacral energy of the pelvic region. Picture sunset orange and remind yourself to “go with the flow” and yield the way water does. Feel the feminine lunar energy of gentle movements.

Ignite the fiery energy of the solar plexus to bring your stronger emotions and passions into your work, while you visualize a golden yellow of the flames. Embody strength and power; notice this more masculine way of moving. And breathe.

Now, soften enough to imagine jade green moving through your chest. With each breath of air, invite love and compassion into your being. Allow all that you touch and hold to receive this energy of the heart chakra.

Bring awareness to your throat and visualize sky blue vibrations pulsing through your voice. Make way for your truth and voice to emerge; simple truths, hard truths.

Shift attention to the third eye brow point. Imagine a deep violet light moving in and out of the ajna chakra, guiding you to see your present situation with new eyes. Look out with curiosity, wonder and compassion. Notice what you feel.

Finally, connect with the crown area atop your head. The purity and clarity of  bliss; of collective consciousness. This magical, mystical energy reminds us that we are one. As Rumi says, “we are many drops of the same ocean”. We are conscious awareness itself; we are always connected with what we call Divine.

Now, for the application to real life…

Last week I was in a faculty meeting that had exceeded the 2-hour allotted time scheduled (which is long enough for ANY meeting).  I felt the madness coming. I started watching the clock, I noticed my pulse quicken, my toes tapping, my mind reeling about the injustice of a non-productive meeting lasting too long yet again. This was the perfect opportunity to turn to the the root chakra for a little grounding. I did my best to notice my feet; to feel the texture of my socks; to imagine pressing my feet into the earth, like warm sand or cool grass, and the sturdiness of  a mountain trail. I then made the mindful decision to excuse myself from the rest of the meeting. I liberated myself from the madness, put my muladhara chakra to work and walked out.